Feng Shui – Simple Ways to Make Your Home Full of Life, Vibe, and Energy

Feng Shui is a Chinese geomancy which harmonizes everyone to the surrounding environment. Many people believe that it’ll to bring a better life, vibe and energy to individual from the placement of objects and oneself within an area. In many countries, especially in Asia, good practice of Feng Shui in residence will result in good fortune. 

Here are some examples of creating good Feng Shui at your home to bring better life, vibe and positive energy.

Clear up the entry

Energy will enter your home and your life from the front door, thus, it is important to make the area clear and uncluttered. Not only the main entrance but any corners in your room must be cleared of jumbles since it can weigh you down emotionally. Sweeping and cleaning up any debris in the area can brighten up the main portal of your home. In addition, make certain of not walking directly into a wall. For a solution, you can place mirror across the room, it also makes you feel unlimited in your life.

Keep the windows clean and clear

Sunlight that shines through the window provides colors and objects that we see, therefore, it creates vibrancy and energy for your room. Moreover, it can wake you up naturally and let you see the world clearly and precisely.

Spacious home grants freshness

As mentioned in the first step, too many objects and clutters can make you feel emotionally down. Letting go of unnecessary things can create a spacious life and new fresh opportunity will be granted. Nevertheless, don’t be distressed if your space is filled up. It is unessential to always empty the space so you can always get the space filled up and released over and over again. This is how universe works as life is not solid.

Colors matter in achieving a happy home

In Feng Shui, cultivating living plants, especially green house plants, incarnate life energy. They connect human soul to the nature and bring vibrant energy into your home. Don’t forget to add some greens to your home to calm your nerves and heal yourself from mother nature. Furthermore, gold and yellow are the most pleasing and favorable colors of all as they associate with wealth and happiness. Bedrooms should have these colors as they bring warmth and gentle energy.

Feng Shui does not only bring a better life, but it also makes everything alive. Every movement you make carries out flows and good vibes into your space. You can easily apply all four tips to make your shelter a good place both physically and emotionally. Homes are place to rest, nourish, celebrate and more. The Nine Condominium provides a spacious ready-to-move-in room with high ceilings and extra wide windows bringing in sunlight that boosts up your life. Green and gold decors are widely used for interiors to embody life energy and bring in good fortune. You can now start your healthy, happy and successful life through the practice of Feng Shui at The Nine Condominium.



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