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        Chiang Mai is the largest city in the northern region of Thailand with approximately 1.5 million of both Thai and foreign population. It is one of the most unique destinations in Southeast Asia as there are a number of historical, cultural and natural places can be visited. In these few years, thanks for becoming a major hub of the northern region, Chiang Mai is visited by a lot of visitors from all around the world not only for sightseeing but also for investing on a number of real estates.

         Since the past few years, Chiang Mai has become a trendy location for real estate as the price has always been remaining reasonable as well as the recovery of market after a crisis in a couple of years. A large number of projects have been launched in recent years and here are some reasons why Chiang Mai is the best location for immovable property investment.

Numerous Areas that Provide Investment Opportunities

         There are several areas in Chiang Mai that provide great investment opportunities for real estates. The areas especially in the center of Chiang Mai, such as Nimmanhaemin, The Old City, Santitham, and the area nearby Chiang Mai University, are favored by a number of both Thai and foreign investors. The reason is because of its perfect location and marvelous reputation. Moreover, from these places, you can access to a number of facilities including quality restaurants, cafes, bars and shopping malls. In addition, you can also be surrounded by traditional temples and experience city facilities nearby the area. All these residential areas provide different kinds of real estates, including apartments, condominiums, houses and villas.

Upcoming Future of Chiang Mai

         Not only the real estates, but the province is also developing itself according to its plan to support the residents. A new airport in San Kamphaeng district, as well as the high-speed railway are upcoming plans in the future which will definitely give an impact on the real-estate prices in the future. Both in and outside the city have good sales due to a lot of demand from people who purchase the property as vacation homes so that they can spend their retirement near natural tourism attraction. Mae Rim zone is one of the famous areas because it features a variety of convenience and it is close to the nature.

Chinese Investors in Chiang Mai

         According to the data, Thailand was ranked the 5th top country where Chinese investors want to purchase the property after the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The three top cities in Thailand are Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Nakorn Ratchasima where the prices are more reasonable compared to the other provinces. In accordance to the Chinese website, the demand of Chinese people toward Thai properties increased approximately 180 % in 2017. Most of them are interested in investing fully furnished condominiums because the price is cheaper compared to China where they have to spend 20 to 30% more to have the exact interior decoration.

Perfect Retirement

         Are you thinking of spending your retirement in Chiang Mai? To celebrate your hard work, Chiang Mai is one of the best places in Thailand that interests people from all around the world because of its modernity surrounded by cultural tradition. Not only the city itself, but the cost of living in Chiang Mai, as well as the accommodation also costs less than any other places.

You can spend less than $100 a month for a monthly apartment or around $500 a month so stay in a fully serviced hotel. Or, if you are planning to stay longer than a month, you will be going to save even more. Around $25,000 will be costed for buying your own condominium in the center of Chiang Mai with 35 to 45 square kilometers of area. Houses can also be purchased starting from $50,000.

The Nine Condominium – Perfect Real Estate

         Nowadays, there are more than 200 real-estate projects in Chiang Mai province and more than 80% of them are already sold. The Nine Condominium provides you the latest sensation of Chiang Mai lifestyle where you can experience both modernity and freshness from the green at the same time. This luxurious condominium is surrounded by pleasant neighborhood and it is located in the place where you can easily access to every kind of facilities and convenience. If you are thinking of investing for a worth real estate for your vacation or even your retirement life, The Nine Condominium will definitely meet your demand.

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