Why Chiang Mai? The Charm and Potentials of Chiang Mai

Why Chiang Mai? The Charm and the Potential of Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known as the largest city in northern Thailand, rich in culture and traditions. With more than 700 years of history, the city is visited by a number of travelers from around the world every year to experience a delight and unique adventure. Chiang Mai is not only famous for its tourist destination, but it also has become a favored place for many investors and many second homes and apartments have been purchased by them since the price is cheaper and affordable than the other foreign countries.

Chiang Mai

Getting around in Chiang Mai

The major reason why Chiang Mai has become very popular among those investors is that it has everything that a big city has. For instance, an international airport, international schools and hospitals, internationally-known universities and numerous shopping centers can be easily accessed no matter where you are in the city. According to the Chiang Mai Development Strategic Plan, this big city seems to go further in the upcoming future.

A lot of facilities in the city are being developed and set up to welcome overseas tourists and investors. The most recent plan is the transportation development. Nowadays, there are infinite ways you can get around in Chiang Mai by using public transportation. Songthaew or Red Taxi is the most common and preferred local transportation which takes you around the city by just telling the driver where you want to go.

The general taxi is also available in Chiang Mai but they are not as familiar as Songthaew if you want to wander around the city. However, they are not really common but they are basically available in the main hub such as the airport, railway station, or even the shopping centers. The latest public transportation service is the RTC Chiang Mai Smart City Bus.

After being launched since June 2018, it has become one of the best ways to get around to every corner in Chiang Mai with reasonable fare – 20 Baht per ride. There are 5 routes in total which cover major parts in the city including transportation hubs, sightseeing spots, shopping centers, and more.

Chiang Mai International Airport 2
Photo: Chiang Mai News

Second International Airport in Chiang Mai

Having had the amazing existing facilities, Chiang Mai is still planning itself for long-term development. The second international airport is being planned to be constructed in Sankamphaeng and Lamphun area operating around 200-300 domestic and international flights every day. It is expected to be ready for its opening in 2022 and it is estimated to have more than 23.33 million passengers and 137,709 flights operated by 2038. This approval of new airport project seems to be one of the greatest long-term development that will boost up the tourism industry and increase the overseas investment.

Chiang Mai to have a Light Rail Transit
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Chiang Mai to have a Light Rail Transit by 2027

Apart from the new airport, Chiang Mai is also planning for an opening of Light Rail Transit (LRT). This process will cover both above and below ground tram network in Chiang Mai and three different lines are being expected to start their construction in 2020. These three lines (Red, Green and Blue Line) will operate both in the city center and urban area connecting major locations in Chiang Mai.

The total length of three lines will be around 35 kilometers and they will be divided to run in far and wide area in Chiang Mai. The stations will definitely be placed in main transportation hubs such as Chiang Mai International Airport, Chiang Mai Railway Station, and Chiang Mai Bus Terminal, in addition, the city’s significant sites including schools, universities, hospitals, sport stadiums, shopping malls, and markets will also have their own stations in their area as well. This light rail system is expected to be opened by 2027, so the convenience of transporting around Chiang Mai is within reach.

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